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standing frame being used in the home

Standing Frames for Private Customers

Being unable to stand at home can create a sense of isolation, so imagine what it would be like to be able to do the simpler things in life, like looking out of the kitchen window, or joining in with conversations without having to look up or have others look down. Consider the benefits to your overall sense of well-being that come with the ability to do a few things for yourself, no matter how simple they might be. 

Learning to stand after a spinal cord injury (SCI)

If we don't stand regularly, the lack of sensation in our limbs and the inability to move, can lead to the development of secondary health problems known to be associated with a lack of movement. Clinicians specialising in SCI rehabilitation promote the benefits of learning to stand from a seated to an upright position for good reason. For example, sitting in the same position for long periods can lead to poor blood circulation and painful pressure ulcers. Damaged skin, breathing, speech, bowl movements, bone and muscle strength – all of these things can be improved if you are able to stand as part of your rehabilitation programme, and that includes while you are at home, not just in hospital. 

The benefits of standing at home post SCI

The Oswestry Standing Frame enables you to develop a degree of self-reliance in the relaxing environment of your home. By fully supporting your torso, it allows you to build core strength and improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of additional complications. Standing opens your body's internal cavity, which gives all the internal organs more room to function as they should, and it helps keep your body in its optimum alignment, promoting health and strength without the need for pills, drugs or further surgery. Being upright improves posture and even if just for short periods throughout the day, will also boost your confidence and mood. Call us on 01691 718218 for more information.

Hand-made in Britain by craftsmen

Appreciated by healthcare professionals and private clients across the country, our robust standing frames are built to last by skilled craftsmen. Using premium materials and wood from sustainable sources, we take collective pride in every stage of production. Take a look at our wide range of options, tell us what you need for your particular condition, and we'll soon have you standing in the comfort of your own home.